The following settings are tested with Emacs 25.

To reload the configuration use M-x eval-buffer.

Saving sessions is so called desktop mode:

                        (desktop-save-mode 1)

To match parenthesis use the Paren Mode:

                        (show-paren-mode 1)

In order to show tabs of the opened files, install package emacs-goodies-el for Debian based distribution. In the configuration file put:

                        (tabbar-mode 1)

To force SSH connection to remote machines set in the configuration file:

                        (setq tramp-default-method "ssh")
Then use C-x C-f with the prefix ssh of the file path.

There is a possibility to setup Window split policy, it defines minimum width or height when to apply the split policy:

                        (setq split-height-threshold 80)
                        (setq split-width-threshold 240)

For the line highlighting use

                        (global-hl-line-mode 1)
                        (set-face-background hl-line-face "#222222")


To install Magit, first setup the package archive in .emacs/init.el:

                        (require 'package)
                        (add-to-list 'package-archives
                            '("melpa" . "http://melpa.org/packages/") t)
After refreshing Emacs with eval-buffer, refresh the package list using M-x package-refresh-contents RET and then install it with M-x package-install RET magit RET

To use Magit type M-x magit-status or C-x g, to exit use q. When Magit window is opened, use key TAB to show the diff, use s to stage changes, key u to unstage, key k to revert a file changes. To commit press c and then c again; when log comment is finished, press C-c C-c to finish the commit. To push the commit use P and then u to push to the current upstream. Since Magit does not provide git rm, delete a file with M-x delete-file RET <file> RET and then refresh Magit buffer with g.

Ido mode

To reload a directory in Tramp mode use C-l.

JSON mode

Install it via Melpa:

                        M-x package-install RET json-mode RET
Set indent size with:
                        M-x customize-group RET json-mode RET
To format a buffer use C-c C-f.

TeX mode

To compile from .tex into .pdf use C-c C-c. To view the PDF file use again C-c C-c. Emacs will show the PDF file in a new buffer. For the autocomplete of Tex commands use M-/


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